Ngarigo Monero

“We are the Ngarigo Monero people, ‘our people have always been connected to the coastline as well as the mountains’. Our continual connection to places, sites and stories is caring for ancestral lands, our cultural practices are held in our collective knowledge and has been shared down the generations.  Ngarigo Monero continue to maintain our cultural obligations and responsibilities to our Elders and Ancestors and country.” 

“Our special places are connected to our knowledge and stories and in caring for country.  Our rivers were our pathways for our Old People to connect to special places. Our oral stories shared down the generations are rich in their knowledge.”

The five main rivers in Far East Gippsland are very important waterways for Ngarigo Monero people. These include the Snowy River, Thurra River, McKenzie River, Bemm River, Cann River and the Genoa River. As well, the lakes in Far East Gippsland are just as important.

NNNMAC (Nindi-Ngujarn Ngarigo Monero Aboriginal Corporation) sees the following priorities as being critical for the management of our natural resources:

  • Being part of decision-making processes; addressing environmental and cultural values.  
  • Addressing self-determination around water with reference to economic water; licencing water; tourism opportunities; partnerships and opportunities for community members; NRM activity; surveying; tangible and intangible cultural heritage; employment of key staff to represent interests in managing water resources.

The NNNMAC are committed to sharing knowledge and continuing to work closely with partner agencies to improve the management of our cultural landscapes in East Gippsland.