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An integrated planning framework

The Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) is the primary integrated planning framework in each of the ten CMA regions of Victoria. The next suite of Regional Catchment Strategies (2021‐2027), the fourth since 1997, are currently under development.

What is included in the Regional Catchment Strategy?

The RCS works exclusively at a strategic level. It:

  • sets strategic direction and identifies strategic actions
  • provides direction for the future development of plans
  • sets broad priorities with principles and directions for implementation
  • sets priorities for ‘landscape scale’ programs of management
  • establishes the principles for monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness.

What is not included in the Regional Catchment Strategy?

The RCS does not aim to provide detailed information at the level that could be expected in action plans. The document raises issues that require discussion within the region to further inform our strategic thinking and develops landscape level priorities that will guide management action in coming years.