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A ‘place based’ approach

The structure of the new East Gippsland RCS will be based on five Priority Landscape Areas. The aim of this approach is to capture the interconnected nature of the themes covered by the RCS, and present integrated priorities for natural resource management across a meaningful spatial scale.

The areas are: 

The Priority Landscape Areas are the foundation for a place-based approach to priority and target setting and will provide a more meaningful platform for discussion with communities and regional partners about management action and strategic direction from natural resource management in our region. 

Information about, and priorities for, the areas will form a key part of the structure of the new East Gippsland RCS. 

It should be noted that three areas (Gippsland Lakes, Alpine Peaks and Red Gum Plains) all represent ‘shared’ landscapes with adjoining CMA’s. The EGCMA is working with the West Gippsland CMA and the North East CMA to ensure the alignment of landscape scale priorities where possible.

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